Umoro Apparel - Q&A with Fashion Designer Yusun Kang

Yusun Kang discusses her collaboration on Umoro’s S/S 2016 Collection

Canadian fashion/graphic designer connects with Umoro, the iconic water bottle company to discuss her love for fashion and her collaboration for the S/S 2016 season.

Yusun Kang is a bright up and coming fashion and graphic designer from Toronto, Ontario. She studied fashion design at one of Canada’s prestigious schools, Ryerson University. She was lucky enough to meet with co-founder Justin Rosete of Umoro. Subsequently, the two parties agreed to collaborate with the Umoro team for the new launch.

UMORO: How did you conceptualize these ideas?​

Yusun Kang: Core designs/concept came from Umoro's brand/lifestyle, Umoro's Headquarters interior design (an amazing office) and active movements of the body. 

UMORO: What was it like working for Umoro?​

YK: It was extremely fun​ with interesting meetings and field trips. The Umoro team was really keen in perfecting specific garment details in each piece of the collection, which really reflected their passion and it was amazing to be apart of.

UMORO: What’s your favourite part about being a fashion designer?

​YK: My favourite part would be going through the ideation of creating different designs, seeing if a collection of garments are cohesive with one another. The process of trial and error during production really drains out your energy but reaching that final product is so satisfying- like adding a cherry on top. Also, a little cliché but being able create clothes and seeing them on people brings great pleasure. ​

UMORO:  How did you select the materials/patterns?

YK: Material selection was dependent on the print design and its suitability to extreme body movements while keeping it stylish. The final material and print design selection took a lot of trial and error to finalize and provide the highest quality. 

UMORO: How do you stay up to date with the fashion scene?

YK: It’s really easy today to keep up to date with the fashion scene with the help of social media. Especially Instagram. It really makes it faster and easier to stay connected to trends worldwide instantly or forecasting future trends.  ​

UMORO: Where do you see yourself in ten years?​

YK: Its hard to say. Hopefully working in fashion with digital graphic art. ​Fashion is moving extremely fast, faster than ever and its been integrating more into new technology. For now, just trying to keep up with the fast shift in the industry, and living in the moment. 

Interview by: Angelica Sydney


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