Discovering Streetwear - PART ONE


In this series, we delve into the immensely popular trend that is 'Streetwear'. Worn by celebrities and teenagers, Streetwear can be found gracing the world's top runways. With its origins in 90's skate culture and Hip-Hop, much can be said about its popularity but many are left wondering what truly defines it. We will aim to discover its definition here. 

In this episode, we profile Toronto based brand 'Get Fresh Company' in an effort to understand a cultural movement from a grassroots level.

Before watching, here is an introduction to the brand as described on their website... "The Get Fresh Company's collections flourishes through the lifestyle that we live. We started off buying and selling brands we liked, but we wanted to create a brand we loved and fit our own lifestyle to the T. As we started to mill our own fabrics and create our own garments, we received a great response. After over ten-thousand units sold under the Get Fresh Company name in less that 15 months, we knew that we had something."



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