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CTY-02-CMT City Pants
CTY-02-CMT City Pants
CTY-02-CMT City Pants
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CTY-02-CMT City Pants

$ 85.00

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Our most versatile pant yet. These pants are as comfy and practical as they get, making it our best bridge piece to date. Wear to the office and on your bike ride home.
Neutral colors make matching your wardrobe simpler and with matte silicone branding, these pants blend in anywhere. 
- Magnetic front pockets keep things safe
- Cotton fabric gets even softer over time
- Branded drawstrings for tightening around the waist
- Designated smartphone pocket
*Pockets sewn shut may be cut open for using. Cut threads carefully. 
If not removed, pockets will retain shape longer.
Specs | Designed in Canada, Made in China. 97% Cotton / 3% Spandex Color: Cement Grey
Care | Machine wash cold, tumble dry low with like colors or hang to dry.