Team Umoro
Joseph Ng
Founder | Visionary | Learner
The man who knows not when to give up, is the man who conquers all. Working to shape the future & leave my dent in the universe. Pursuer of the impossible.
Ashley Kasdorf-Richardson
Lead Designer | Workaholic | Design Addict
Architecturally influenced, design and detail oriented which has helped with my creative thought. Being a lover of all things creative, has led to my path of becoming a well renowned fashion designer — KAZZ. Fabric is my art medium. 
Tishan Baldeo
Photographer | Tricep Enthusiast
Lighting is everything, in the eyes of a 
professional photographer. General love for photography but, love creative environmental portraits. Currently looking for a new hobby but books and movies are filling the closing gap for now.  
Justin Rosete
Founder | Operator | Catalyst
Proud Father and Husband. Self prescribed spiritual guru, six thinking hat wearer and operator. Thrives in organized chaos and fueled by customer satisfaction. 
Jacob Cieri
Junior Designer | Support 
Creative Collaborators
Jay Lee
Videographer/Motion Graphics Designer
Nathan Bryan
Storyteller/Creative Director
Kellan Lain
Broadcaster/Designer/Former NHL Player
Marshall Bingham
Benjamin Posman
Photographer/Fitness Model