Is the Umoro patented?
Umoro has international trademarks and patents pending.
What is a pre-order?
A pre-order is an item that you purchase before Umoro actually receives the goods from the manufacturer.
When purchasing a pre-order item, it guarantees that you will get the item you want,
in case the item becomes sold out before it arrives to Umoro from the manufacturer.
All pre-order items are immediately charged and paid for in full, once you submit your order.
Is the Umoro One product BPA free?
Absolutely! The Umoro One features only the highest quality BPA free materials.
What is the storage capacity of the Umoro One?
The total cup volume is 20oz/600ml and the supplement compartment holds 100cc/50g, about one heaping scoop of protein.
Is the Umoro One dishwasher safe?
Yes. All parts of the Umoro One are dishwasher safe. We recommend the top rack all components
Can the Umoro One be microwaved or used to mix hot liquids?
We advise against microwaving the Umoro One or mixing hot liquid as this will cause pressure to build within the bottle, posing a safety hazard
How to clean hard stains off Umoro One’s rubber coating?
Harder stains on the Umoro One can be easily wiped off using rubbing alcohol. Similar to cleaning G-Shock watches.